the second coming of the butterfly effect?

September 22, 2008

This episode reminded me of the beauty of life and removed me from a deep and dark depression that settled upon my person ever since I finished watching the first season. With that said, I’ve divided this review into three glorious categories:

LOL Moments

1. “PRESS PLAY.” The entire Hiro and Ando scene was hilarious. Granted, anyone with a brain could have predicted destiny literally knocking at the door, but it was the perfect set up for those two. Hilarity aside, it fixed one of the major problems in the second season by establishing a goal for the story arc.


3. “EAT YOUR BRAIN? THAT’S DISGUSTING.” Oh, Sylar. You’re such a card.

4. “THANK YOU, TURTLE!” It will be interesting to see where they take this storyline. It reminds me of Hiro getting stranded in old Japan. The difference is, I wouldn’t care if Parkman died out in the middle of nowhere. Alas, he has enough chub on him to prevent starvation for awhile.

BADASS Moments

1. FUTURE PETER PUTS PARKMAN IN HIS PLACE. (damn, that’s some killer alliteration, btw) Parkman gets taught a great lesson by Future Peter for snooping around. If he’s not careful, he’ll end up just like those pesky kids who always drive around in that van solving mysteries.

2. SPEEDSTER GIRL PUTS HIRO IN HIS PLACE. I was astounded and a bit confused. So it turns out Hiro doesn’t actually stop time. Rather he slows it so that it approaches a limit, but never hits the limit. The speedster girl is “very fast” to the point that Hiro’s ability fails to actually effect her much. I love when this show blows my mind.

3. SYLAR ACTUALLY ATTAINS CLAIRE’S ABILITY. I was certain that after the commercial break SOMEONE would come to Claire’s aid. It was pretty badass, though, when he was sitting there messing with her brain. And now the big question is how can he possibly be stopped?

4. FUTURE ANDO HAS POWERS! Even though he displayed them by killing of Hiro, I was still very happy for him. I also have a strong feeling that Hiro is gettin’ it twisted: perhaps Ando is the hero in that showdown?

5. SURESH GAINS POWERS (BUT STILL NOT MY RESPECT). Did anybody else think Beast from the X-MEN? I mean, come on. Scientist. Super strength and agility. It wouldn’t surprise me if he turned blue in the next episode.

ARGH!? Moments

1. SYLAR CAN’T BREAK A CLOSET DOOR? He has attained various abilities, but he failed to get the power to destroy half a centimeter of wood?

2. “THE BUTTEFLY EFFECT”? Besides the fact the episode shares a name with one of the single worst movies of all time, HEROES has attempted to explain the probability continuum. This subject never fails to boggle my mind and I feel like every time I try to seriously about the effect of seeing/changing the future that a giant black hole will inevitably appear. I believe it’s best said in Mostly Harmless from the Hitchhiker’s series: “Very little of this is, however, at all comprehensible to anyone below the level of Advanced God, and since it is now well established that all known gods came into existence a good three millionths of a second after the Universe began rather than, as they usually claimed, the previous week, they already have a great deal of explaining to do as it is, and are therefore not available for comment on matters of deep physics at this time.”

3. TRACY? You’re not alone, Nathan. I, too, thought it was Nikki.


One Response to “the second coming of the butterfly effect?”

  1. joshuagrace Says:

    great thoughts. i’m glad you didn’t hate on Maya this time.

    the whole Jesse thing was a bit screwy there. is he Nathan trapped in Jesse’s body, is Sound Manipulation the power to look like Peter, or is he the new badass that we have to watch out for.

    i like evil Claire, good Sylar, evil Hiro, good Mrs. Patrelli.

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