One of us, One of them

September 25, 2008

After this week’s episode, I am incredibly excited thinking about all of the great places they could take HEROES this season. If YOU don’t pee your pants just thinking of Monday nights, then you aren’t living life to its fullest. Perhaps this will help tickle that reluctant bladder of yours:

I find this week’s episode difficult to predict, because my mind is still trying to grasp all the greatness from the first two episodes. ah well, here I go:

  • Suresh’s injection will transform him into…a sensible human being who isn’t constantly putting humanity into danger through a series of terrible decisions. (HA. Yeah, right.)
  • Future Peter will realize that the future sucks and thus, decide to stay.
  • Every scene with Claire and Present Peter will freak me out since they are an item in real life, but a niece/uncle in the show.
  • Matt will lose some weight in Africa.
  • I will forget that a regular HEROES evening is only one hour long, and temporarily plunge back into a horrible depression.

3 Responses to “One of us, One of them”

  1. joshuagrace Says:

    1. suresh grows wings and becomes archangel because you’re right-they are playing up the Beast thing
    2. future peter is lame
    3. claire and present peter have no chemistry
    4. matt will become one with the turtle
    5. i watch the show on DVR tues night (so far) so it’s actually only about 37min. BSG is still on the way.

  2. rcribay Says:

    2. you mean the idea of future peter, or the character’s ill will towards present peter?

    5. thinking of BSG also makes me wet myself.

  3. joshuagrace Says:

    i think future peter hanging out too long. he totally muffed up an opportunity to see one of the coolest bit-part characters in Jesse.

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