Review: One of Us, One of Them

September 29, 2008

You know it’s going to be a good episode when Angela Petrelli reveals that Sylar is her biological son. More specifically, the mother/son relationship I could care less about (although, I am still eager to discover Angela Petrelli’s power). It’s the Sylar/Nathan/Peter relationship that gets me giddy. I suppose I should have seen this coming since there’s always been a connection between Sylar’s and Peter’s powers, coupled with the fact that they’ve already pulled the adoptive child bit once before.

While I’m on the subject of Sylar, I definitely LOL’d when he pulled the “special agent” line out and proceeded to demand coffee. I enjoy the good/evil twist this season, and anticipate many unexpected moments. I definitely predict, though, that after a stint of “goodness” Sylar will revert to his old ways at a very crucial moment. In other news, Jesse’s power was way overhyped. When I heard that it was “sound manipulation” I thought, “Gee, that probably means he just screams.” But then HRG kept saying, “You don’t even want to know what he can do, blah blah blah.” But it turns out the guy just screams.

Let us move on to the Hiro/Daphne storyline. Everytime that roundfaced Asian appears on screen, he puts me immediately into a good mood. Now, I’m fully aware of the jolly/goofy Asian stereotype (i.e. shortround, any jackie chan movie, the neighbor from breakfast at tiffany’s) he plays into, but I think I’d rather have that represent my home-continent than the bumbling Indian. “Nemesis!” oh! hahaha! Although I was happy for the return of the Haitian, the split forming between Hiro and Ando greatly saddens me. I have a strong feeling that their relationship will get a lot worse before it gets better (as depicted by Ando killing Hiro in the future).

Other brief story notes:

Tracy continues to not be Nikki. My interest in this is indicated by the amount of words I devote to it.

Claire‘s biological mother prods her towards evil unknowingly, and the whole time I’m thinking that HRG is a lot smarter than to select her to protect the family. I mean, man alive, he may as well have selected Matt’s father.

Last, I never thought anything could be more sad than being Matt Parkman. That is, until I discovered there’s a man in Africa whose power it is to paint every major event in Matt Parkman’s life.


One Response to “Review: One of Us, One of Them”

  1. joshuagrace Says:

    that last paragraph was hilarious! what a horrible power indeed! whenever the painter says Parkman it sounds like he’s saying Batman, which i think is on purpose.

    how does Hiro get duped every time by Daphne, though? like getting the case and holding it tight wouldn’t have been a bad idea.

    i kind of loved the storage container scene, although i don’t know how the light switch worked inside there.

    sylar trying to be good is funny. best line…”you do drink decaf, right noah?”

    yeah what besides Angela’s dreams make her so powerful??

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