Review: Angels and Monsters

October 13, 2008

This week’s episode pleased me much more than last week’s. The who’s good, who’s evil angle continues to intrigue me.

Nathan Petrelli continues to be led by imaginary Linderman. He has also now slept with Nikki AND Tracy (Man, that would be an awkward Thanksgiving dinner). In the scene where Tracy and Nathan check out Peter in Level 5, we see learn that Nathan’s powers were artificially created. I have a feeling, though, that Nathan interest was more so piqued upon discovery that Nikki/Tracy have a third sister. Is a hat trick in the cards for Congressman Petrelli? Only time will tell.

Suresh murders a drug dealer and teaches us all a valuable lesson: clean up any trails of blood before your booty call arrives. It can really kill the mood. As the episode progresses, we see that Suresh has been preserving his prey like an insect of sorts. I’m glad his character is developing beyond the bumbling scientist, but I’m not sure I enjoy the Mr. Hyde angle, either.

Claire attempts to catch a guy that can create black holes. This is perhaps one of the coolest powers that has been introduced on the show in a long time. Every time he used it my mouth opened into a dumb grin and my eyes widened comically. Admittedly, I found my willing suspension of belief temporarily lifted. I was all like, “What!? This couldn’t happen in real life!” But then I was all like, “Oh, yeah.” Imagine how great it would have the power to make people just completely disappear. Annoying coworker? WHOOSH. Old person in line at the store paying with change? WHOOSH. Dog poop? WHOOSH. Every other HEROES blog? WHOOSH. Just sucks that he killed himself before Peter or Sylar could get it.

Peter and Sylar switch roles, as the “hunger” begins to villify Peter. But he’s left in Level 5 as Sylar and HRG join forces to form a hysterical odd couple. “Rehabilitation takes time, Noah.” Haha! What a card! I’m pretty sure these two are the best characters right now. As for Sylar saving Claire? Oh, the irony. It’s absolutely delectable. As a side note, Sylar really needs to use some of his powers to trim those eyebrows. They’re like a couple of monstrous effing caterpillars sitting atop his eyes.

Hiro and Ando raise Adam from the undead. Hiro makes a vague STAR WARS reference to the cantina (which pleased me greatly) as Adam leads them to a bar where they can find “specials for hire.” After he ditches them, Daphne and Knox appear and question Hiro and Ando’s badassness. Award winning WTF moment ensues as Hiro actually stabs Ando in the heart! I still believe that Hiro has some crazy scheme in his round, little head. Someone who uses such witty STAR WARS references surely cannot be evil.

Speaking of WTF moments, how about that Mr. Petrelli? Considering my fear of growing old, I think I am frightened more by his invalid status than the fact he’s creating an army.


One Response to “Review: Angels and Monsters”

  1. joshuagrace Says:

    yeah dude. sylar and HRG are the Legion of Doom.

    suresh totally sucks. this spider thing is so cheesy, i can hardly believe that it’s part of the show.

    i agree that there is no way Ando is dead. he gets powers in the alternate future, etc. i expect a lame tie up.

    Maury got out of his prison kind of easily. i don’t like that.

    although the episode was very exciting and i’m into it…i gotta be honest. most of the characters are sucking. i don’t care what happens to Peter, Claire, Nathan, Hiro, Daphne, Maya or Suresh. for some reason they have lost me.

    i do want to see the Haitian, HRG, sylar, angela, parkman, ando, mr. patrelli, and knox get brutal, though. they are all pretty much bad guys (save parkman, ando, and sylar). what does that say about me? geez.

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