Tragic Flaws

October 21, 2008

Dear Loyal Reader,

I apologize for not posting last night. Things have been crazy at work (perhaps more so than even at Pinehurst). Hopefully I’ll get the post up tonight.


2 Responses to “Tragic Flaws”

  1. rothchild Says:

    I have to admit, I was a little hurt nothing was posted this morning.

  2. joshuagrace Says:

    Ha ha! I watched the DVR at about a 5min delay last night, too!

    some topics I hope you’ll cover (at least some!):
    1. can Adam please be dead forever?
    2. what the eff was Suresh doing with Nathan and Tracy. I wish he would have wrapped them up.
    3. give Parkman props
    4. Usutu, although so annoying that he has the same ability as Issac, is the new guru. love it. Hiro and Ando have a great line going.
    5. Peter should stop talking and accept that he is ordinary.
    6. Gabriel is by far my favorite right now.
    7. Claire got to not be an a-hole for a whole episode! great scene with the puppet master. although did he really think that neither claire or her mom had any powers?
    8. HRG will make things right, don’t worry.

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