Review: Eris Quod Sum

October 27, 2008

I have no clue what happened in the first ten minutes, as the phillies are about to win the world series and I was watching the beginning of the game. However, in an ironic turn of events, the nerd within me pummeled the jock into submission. ten after nine, my emotional distress at missing HEROES (considering I’m probably the last person alive without DVR or TiVO) became so great that I had to depart from a Phillies viewing party in order return to my beloved evolved humans. anyways, on to the show.

Where I picked up, Arthur Petrelli had just taken Maya’s powers. Good for him. At least he didn’t take her hotness. He then kills Matt’s father very suddenly. This pleased me, as I have been feeling that there are far too many characters these days. I hope he kills a few more before his reign is over. I still think Arthur was more frightening as an invalid, what with my fear of the elderly.

Elle returns and visits Claire, the latter then suggesting a field trip to Pinehurst. Unfortunately, she short circuits while on the plane, and the results are nowhere near as hysterical or heartwarming as the 1986 movie, Short Circuit. Actually, the results aren’t all that bad either. I just wanted to reference that movie.

Gabrielle returns, temporarily blazing his bad ass ways to save a whiney and ungrateful Peter, but gets subdued by my nemesis, Suresh. Arthur then reveals Angela’s manipulation in his own attempt at manipulation and this storyline seems to descend to the level of an episode of Divorce Court. Except I never saw anyone telekinetically defenestrated on that show (but then again, I haven’t been home frequently enough at 1pm on weekdays to have viewed every episode).

Daphne is sent to kill Pacman, and for some reasons thinks that having a baby with him is a good idea. Matt reveals a new level of his powers as he creates a fake Matt to get a hole punched through him via Knox. Impressive, Matt. I’ll finally give you some props. BTW, knox has a huge upper head, akin to a light-bulb. It reminds me of the baseball episode of the Simpsons where Ken Griffey, Jr. drinks a lot of tonic, inducing gigantism.

I get me some Hiro at the very end. However, I really wish they would have ended with an earth shattering vision of the future, rather than him merely passing out.


One Response to “Review: Eris Quod Sum”

  1. joshuagrace Says:

    some of it was Arthur grounding Peter, Claire and her mom coming home to find Elle freaking out-only to stop her by throwing a bucket of water on her. how corny. then they became hand-holders.

    Tracy & Nathan hanging out in the nest, where HRG shows up to say that he’ll figure it out. some witty dialogue between Meredith and Tracy.

    Gabriel saving Peter alludes to his wanting to get in with Arthur, I guess.

    I don’t really like that Daphne thinks she’s fooling Matt. What’s even worse is that she might be.

    Pretty gripping episode. DVR for $12/mo has been a great investment! also heroes is great in HD!!!

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