Review: Villains (first half)

November 11, 2008

As promised, here is the review of the first half of last night’s episode.

Arthur and Linderman plot Nathan’s demise. I think this back story was supposed to shock the audience so they’re all like, “Oh man, Arthur Petrelli was behind it the whole time!” and such. However, I think most viewers probably already understand that. The back story did, however, succeed in painting Angela Petrelli in a less monstrous light.

Gabriel attempts suicide but it saved by Elle. More than anything else, I liked the inclusion of this as it shows that Gabriel is ultimately good at heart. I think the writers of HEROES will forever toy with Gabriel as good-or-evil just as a normal TV series has a romantic will-they-won’t-they subplot. Akin to Snape in Harry Potter, I think we’ll see Gabriel bounce back in forth but commit some redeeming act in the end. As we saw with Hiro in the second season, HEROES does not do love stories well, so I’m pleased they’re going with this angle.


Meredith is captured by the dude with the earring, who has a bit of the child molester air about him. Nothing amazing in this story besides the revelation that Flint is her brother.


Does the black guy really always have to die?


One Response to “Review: Villains (first half)”

  1. joshuagrace Says:

    yeah that was the worst death. beheadding a pre-cog. can you actually sneak up on him? bush league!!

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