Review: It’s Coming

November 17, 2008

The episode somewhat begins with Ando’s sweet flying punch. It definitely reminded me of Wolverine going berserk. Unfortunately, Arthur freezes him and tosses him aside like he was Matt Parkman. (This got me really excited for Hiro’s vision of Ando with powers.) For some reason, Arthur merely reverts Hiro mentally to the age of ten, but does not actually take his powers. WTF, Arthur Petrelli? You call yourself an evil doer? Minor hilarity ensues.


At Pinehurst, Elle disrobes Gabriel with her electricity. This got me thinking: How long has it been since we’ve seen Peter Petrelli shirtless? Along those lines (strangely), Gabriel’s speech about resisting the “urge” felt like it would have been really effective in the Seinfield episode where they compete to see who is “master of his domain.” Clearly, Gabriel is the master of his domain as he eventually learns to attain powers without cutting off someone’s head. Empathy is the new brain-eating. I can’t say this makes me giddy.

Peter and Claire escape, but this storyline bored me to tears. And as my wifey mentioned, the sexual tension between Haylo is so disgustingly palpable I can barely watch these two in a scene. I feel like it wouldn’t have been entirely unexpected if they turned the corner of the sewer to find this guy:


Suresh conducts research on human beings, and we discover Claire is the catalyst. She is just so damn special, isn’t she? Question: why isn’t Suresh transforming as quickly as his test subjects? Additional question: why the hell is he still on this show? I wish he had a real power so that Sylar could cut his head open and take it. Wait, he doesn’t do that anymore. Crap.

Daphne saves Matt who saves Angela who saves Arthur who makes the valid point that these womens be screwing us over ALL the time. I can’t say I totally disagree. I’ve definitely been handed over to a super villain on numerous occasions thanks to the betrayal of a member of the female species.

The end of the episode got me excited for the eclipse. I just hope they make those boxes with the pin holes so that they don’t hurt their eyes looking at the sun.


2 Responses to “Review: It’s Coming”

  1. joshuagrace Says:

    yeah i also hope no one stares directly at the eclipse.

    i hear you about arthur. he didn’t get to hold him long enough because he stopped to look at the painting. so typical for the villain.

    i agree that Ando was the only one on this episode that deserves to live through the coming. and get awesome powers to boot.

  2. gambypants Says:

    Great recap. I agree it was lame about Arthur and Ando. It took way less time to steal Peter’s powers when he touched him — and what does turning him into a mental ten year old have to do with anything?! totally transparent ploy by the writers to keep this show going.


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