Review: “Eclipse – Part I”

November 25, 2008

Gabriel and Elle attempt to retrieve Claire. Gabriel’s foray into goodness has evidently come to an end, and I’m not really sure how/when this happened. He was just so determined a couple of episodes ago, and then all of a sudden…BLAH! I’M EVIL! (Therefore I will once again call him Sylar). Maybe all of my years out of college had triggered a process of “dumbening” which has rendered me incapable of interpreting the subtleties in tv shows.

I thought it was humorous that HRG’s company training program consists mainly of swinging a 2×4. But evidently he knows what he’s doing, because he absolutely WASTES the powerless Sylar. I would not want to rumble with HRG, despite my thorough wrestling abilities.

Oh yeah, Claire gets shot. But c’mon, she’s clearly not going to die.

Nathan and Peter search for the Haitian, who is searching for his troubled brother. This reminds me of SCRUBS or GREY’S ANATOMY when the patient suffers from some malady that is a metaphor for the doctor’s personal life. Needless to say, they find him and his brother, albeit not in the most ideal way.

As much as I dislike Parkman, the Daphne/Matt/Hiro/Ando storyline was hilarious tonight. (Well, with the exception of Daphne’s ironic affliction.) The best dialogue of the evening:

Ando: You have to fix Hiro! Look! (Shows Matt the comic)
Matt: What does it say!?
Ando: It says, “You have to fix Hiro!”

It also turns out that 10-year-old Hiro is not that different from regular Hiro. One more good line from this story:

Daphne’s father: Why are you turning your head like that? What’s wrong with you, son?
On a side note, when I started watching last night after my drumming class, the episode was a little over half way through, so the eclipse had already begun. Alas, I was not aware of this and spent some time wondering why the lighting was so shitty in this episode.

I had high expectations for this episode, but it left much to be desired. Perhaps Homer Simpson had it right when he advised Bart, “Never set goals and you’ll never be disappointed.” (I butchered that quote, but that’s the gist of it). All in all, I think the eclipse should have occurred earlier in the episode. There should also have been a ninja guest appearance. Perhaps two ninja guest appearances.


2 Responses to “Review: “Eclipse – Part I””

  1. joshuagrace Says:

    the only bummer of this episode (besides Elle) is that online the viagra ads run audio for like a minute after the episode can resume.

    this was the best episode in a long time. The ending is pretty killer (pun hopefully intended-Elle must die), too.

    I’m with you on the Hiro/Ando groove. What’s up with the serious cameos at the comic book store? All of a sudden we have actual actors on this show? What’s the deal?

    Episode high points for me:
    Angela delivers the great one-liner while smiling.
    The haitian talks (always a treat).
    HRG pwning the wannabes (evil sylar is tired).
    Claire when she’s shot is way cooler.

    Low points:
    Nathan’s attitude.
    Forest Gump with bangs.
    Arthur not seeing this actually happening or seeing beyond it.

    As soon as the eclipse is over they are all going to jump right back into power. HRG shoots sylar and right before he dies, he suddenly comes back to life.

  2. rcribay Says:

    Haha I think I definitely referred to Daphne as Forest Gump in the first draft of this blog. (And when I say draft, don’t confuse me with an actual author. I just mean that I wrote it once, I accidently hit the back button on the browser, and then had to rewrite it.)

    Actual actors? Seth Green and Breckin Meyer? Unless “The Italian Job” or “Rat Race” became quality movies while my back was turned, I’m pretty sure they don’t qualify.

    I feel you with the Viagra ads. Not in that way, though.

    I bought the drummer’s balm. Magical.

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