Intimations of Intentional Unemployment

December 4, 2008

I just came to the disturbing realization that I never wrote a review of “The Eclipse: Part II”, nor did I even finish watching the first half! In fact, I’m now seriously considering quitting my job due to its interference with my HEROES viewing and blogging.

In other news, Nathan Petrelli must have the single worst voting attendance record in the Senate. With the exception of John McCain.



One Response to “Intimations of Intentional Unemployment”

  1. joshuagrace Says:

    yeah i didn’t want to gripe, but i finally watched it on Tues night and then looked for the blog!

    I hope you comment on some of these:
    1. how long is the eclipse? Why did no one consider “let’s get a good night’s sleep and see what happens.”?
    2. no new supers were introduced. that’s the first time in a while.
    3. I love Ando.
    4. Why did Noah leave Sylar’s body? Doesn’t he usually have someone come to deal with these sorts of things?
    5. Bringing Elle back this season just to kill her in a cooler way.
    6. Petrelli brothers…I’m glad Nathan is a bigger tool bag now, and I think this 2nd eclipse is a way to get Peter his powers back w/o killing Arthur for good.
    7. The haitian once again rules.

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