Random Notes: “Our Father” (Second half hour)

December 8, 2008

-Hiro’s memory is restored by his mother. I wonder if his sister has any powers? After Hiro becomes the catalyst, he then loses it along with his powers! Ahh! Hiro’s trapped in time!!! Serves him and his huge hubris right.

-I’m glad the Haitian is speaking more frequently. He has such wisdom. But apparently he also has a limit to his powers. Interesting…

-Elevators sure are awkward, even without Sylar standing next to you covered in blood.

-Never trust anyone who tells you, “It’s all right,” while standing outside of your bulletproof box.

-Sweet scene with Sylar stopping the bullet, only to pull that badass line: “You’re not a killer, Peter. But I am.” Then POW! Man, that was great. I’m surprised they didn’t wait until the season finale to kill him off. I wonder who’s in line to be the next big villain? Nathan? Sylar once again? Alejandro? JK.

-I thought after Arthur Petrelli died his powers would return to those form which he took them (kind of like in
The Giver
when the memories return to the community).

-Stupid “Last HEROES of the year” fooled me into thinking next Monday was the season finale. Bastards.


One Response to “Random Notes: “Our Father” (Second half hour)”

  1. joshuagrace Says:

    those were all great moments! there is some very strange Claire moments.

    the Hiro moments were amazing! that guy HAS to get his mojo back! he’s the man.

    good one about Alejandro!!

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