Random Notes: “Our Father” (First half hour)

December 9, 2008

-Hilarious language barrier moments with Hiro and Claire. Why doesn’t real life have subtitles?
-So we know that Hiro’s mother is a healer, but what was Kaito Nakamura’s powers? I hope it has something to do with baking.
-Elle almost had a viking funeral. I would like a viking funeral. I’m glad they brought her back just to kill her. I suspect that the writers understood the romantic angle wasn’t working. Romance NEVER works on this show. The other person always ends up dead, and more importantly, I always end up cringing in disgust.
-I like how the program to create artificial powers is called Intelligent Design. Cheap shot at Christianity? Perhaps. Ah well.
-Claire changes her baby self. How strange that would be to see your own genitalia at that age.
-I LOVE evil Sylar. “It’s not going to hurt a bit. Got me. That’s a lie…cake!” I still think he’s going to have a defining moment before the season is out, and that he’s going to land on the good side.
-Ando was also funny: “I like teleporting better.” Besides that line, however, I felt like this storyline was utter filler. Oh no, we have to find the sketch book now to figure out what happens. Two commercial breaks and one tubby bicycle messenger later, they have it. Not exactly a heroic quest. They could have just had another issue and used the extra time to do something cool, like have Sylar track down/kill another person with abilities.


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