REVIEW: “Dual”

December 15, 2008

As usual, confusion upon jumping into the second half. Thus, I decided to take a crack and make a conjecture as to how each zany situation arose:

Situation: HRG and Meredith are stuck inside of a cell on Level 5. Evidently she is about to explode, and he can prevent this by shooting her.
My Explanation: Meredith and HRG were passionately making out in a secluded area of the building, when they tripped over a chair. Meredith fell into a vat of gasoline and HRG fell onto the switch that locked the cell.

Situation: Ando has some kind of super power which turns his arm a shiny red. When he touches other people, they also turn a shiny red.
My Explanation: He got hold of some of the formula, and now it’s slowly turning him into the Kool-Aid Man. When he touches other people, they also turn into the Kool-Aid Man. If they bust through a brick well, the change will become permanent, otherwise it will just last until the next eclipse (which, in the HEROES universe, should be in a couple of days).


Situation: Knox is about to punch Nathan. Tracy freezes and then shatters him.

My Explanation: Nathan stepped on Knox’s new kicks and scuffed them. Nathan then refused to apologize because he’s an ass. Tracy kills Knox because she’s racist. She was unaware that he was about to punch Nathan.

Situation: Peter and Flint are destroying the formula, while Suresh lies unconscious on the floor.
My Explanation: Suresh accidentally punched himself out when he threw a feeble haymaker at Peter, and Peter ducked. Peter and Flint then proceeded to destroy the formula because they hate Suresh and thought it would be funny. They had already taken his lunch money and given him a wedgie.

Hmm. As the episode progressed, I discovered that many of my suppositions were incorrect. Meh. As for the beginning of Volume 4: “Fugitives”? You gotta love the Black president*, even despite the fact that the series seems to be shamelessly emulating X-Men. None the less, I’m intrigued.

*Let’s see if he’s despotic.


2 Responses to “REVIEW: “Dual””

  1. joshuagrace Says:

    nice ending!

    there were def some weird situations that i also got into about 13min in. i’ll have to wait till tomorrow to find out what happened to that marine who felt so “goooood” after last episode.

    the company’s building burned to the ground. that’s interesting. peter has some kind of power back (i bet everything). the red goo made suresh look normal again.

    are they done for a while? is this a new break?

  2. sahar009 Says:

    He he he – you are hilarious! I love your explanations. I hope you won’t be too disappointed when you find out what really happened šŸ˜‰

    I reviewed this episode too – although I reviewed the whole thing, not just the second half – and I’d love to have your feedback! !

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