Review: “A Clear and Present Danger”

February 2, 2009

Kind of a scattered episode that was all over the place as they try to catch us up on most of the characters. So here’s my attempt to offer some insight into these updates.

Stacy/Tracy/Whoever gets caught. I don’t care, except I must admit that I was hoping for a bit of side-boob in that opening scene. A blurry bare back just hasn’t done it for me since 1992.

I wish I could buy a firehouse and made it into a lair just like Hiro. I’m not sure I’d buy a firehouse, though. Maybe an underwater cave, a skull-shaped island, or a treehouse might do for my fortress of solitude. I also need to get me a Rando-Cycle. You know, for the chicks. Unfortunately, Hiro is taken despite the fact he is currently powerless. He should sue.

Peter is a paramedic and though it’s a step up in practicality from a hospice worker, it’s a bit predictable. He runs into Suresh again, and they take a nostalgic cab ride. Throughout the course of events, both get suckered into captivity. Peter’s powers have returned with a slight twist. They are now more akin to Arthur’s abilities as touch seems to transfer the powers. I wonder if the touch-ee loses their abilities as he gains them.

Claire is trying to decide on a college. She’s getting even bitchier. She needs to go to college. Taken captive later in the episode, we discover she is not attractive in a frumpy orange jumpsuit.

Sylar finds his father and discovers he was a black market baby. How ironic that his “real” father was a taxidermist, preserving living things which no longer function, in opposition to the clockmaker who makes non-living things function. But perhaps I’m reading too much into it? BTW, did you understand his entrance into the house as his desire to return to the womb? Jk. Over at the new location, the hunting squad tries to bring him down but he reminds us just how badass he is. I love him more than ever.

Matt and Daphne struggle to deal with normalcy. I think the real struggle, however, is that she’s realizing how much hotter she is than him. She’s like an 8 or 9, and he’s totally a 4 or 5. A mismatch like this is bound to face some major problems as insecurities arise. You can’t fight mathematics. A successful couple must really be within a score of 2 from one another (unless the one with lower hotness makes up for it in hilarity–but let’s face it, parkman hasn’t gotten a laugh since that turtle joke several months ago). The only thing Parkman has going for him is that he is now a prophet. However, I don’t really like that they made him a skilled artist. I wish he would draw the future via crappy stick figures and a few stubby crayolas.

HRG works with Nathan!? Que el efe, hombre? I have a flickering hope that he’s working for the man so that he can bring him down, but I just don’t know anymore. I wanted to slap him just as much as I wanted to slap Gaeta over in BSG.

That was a creepy closing scene in the hangar, mostly because it strikes a chord with the US government’s treatment of terrorist suspects. If they have superpowers, though, I’m on their side (and now I’ve probably been flagged by the CIA). I kind of wish the episode would have ended with them taking off on the plane and not breaking out. It would have been much darker, and therefore better.


One Response to “Review: “A Clear and Present Danger””

  1. joshuagrace Says:

    i got to this episode rather late because of travels. what’s your basement like? did you already inject kathryn and matt with a GPS device?

    i bet Noah made some deal about leaving claire alone and he’ll round up supers.

    the orange suit is a provocative image. they seem to be getting out pretty easily. peter can fly, so he’ll probably lift the plane before it crashes (he touched suresh, right?).

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