Review: “Trust and Blood”

February 9, 2009

I can’t decide how I feel about the frame story approach with Nathan on the phone. It mildly interested me, but on the other hand, it didn’t. At all. I recant the independent clause from two sentences ago.

I’m creating a new hip acronym: WTFS (What the Eff, Suresh!?). A big WTFS to him telling Hiro, “This is not your fight anymore.” Like 3 seconds ago Suresh was powerless, 2 seconds ago he was some kind of alien creature, and 1 second ago he loses those side effects and suddenly he’s all high and mighty like, “I’ve got the REAL powers blah blah blah I’m so heroic you are nothing, even though you can’t CONTROL SPACE & TIME right now I’m so much better than you and you’re so Japanese and short and you have such a less refined accent than I have and your hair is so much less wavy and dreamy.” Where does he get off? WTFS!?* You need to go back to stringing yarn in that attic apartment, pretending to be significant.

Ahhhhhh, Peter can only hold one power at a time. This would kind of suck, because you’d always be like, “Oh man, I wish I had that other power right now.” Or you may encounter embarrassing situations such as…trying to lift a car because you thought you currently had super strength only to discover–over the malevolent din of everyone’s laughter–that all you’ve managed to do is freeze it. Good luck with that, Peter Petrelli.

Unfortunately, I’ve got a stack of subpar essays to grade, so here’s a quick rundown of some of my other emotions throughout the rest of the episode:

Daphne is dead! Oh no 😦

Sylar finds an apprentice! Hooray!

HRG elects not to shoot Peter. Perhaps there’s some good in him? No, he definitely is trying to please Nathan so Claire is kept safe.

Survivors talking about taking the fight to them? Badass!

Claire gets anonymous texts about being ready? That was funny in THE OFFICE when Creed asked, “What’s a text?”

*Feel free to begin using WTFS in everyday situations where someone makes an insanely terrible decision


2 Responses to “Review: “Trust and Blood””

  1. joshuagrace Says:

    i am a big fan of WTFS. although a boring twist, i like peter only having one power at a time. it also makes Gabriel the most powerful person hands down. and the Nuker is a good sidekick for him.

    i’m glad that trailer had a full set of pastels for matt to make good art with. it would have sucked if all they had was the crayola 16pack.

    i was hoping nathan was going to kill tracy. i’m not gonna lie.

    hiro is gonna get a curved sacrificial dagger to restore his powers. all of the good guys are still underestimating Ando. he is our only real hope.

    and you think the anonymous txts could be from anyone but peter? maybe from future dwight?

  2. rcribay Says:

    perhaps the texts could be from that Wireless (Hana). she was the one who sent anonymous IMs to ted sprague when he was in nevada.

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