Review: “Building 26”

February 16, 2009

I love the Sylar storyline and how the kid suckers him into being his mentor and to opening up. But then Sylar plays him with the old locking-the-door-and-driving-away bit. I thought he was going do the thing where you almost let the person in, drive off a few feet, stop, say “Jk,” pretend you’re going to let them in, and then do it again. Three or four more times. I guess Sylar wasn’t in a humorous mood. However, evidently the kid grew on him (that was a bit predictable).

Ando and Hiro’s bromance continues its rocky run as Ando steals Hiro’s thunder (and then gets his ass kicked with a pot). I’m glad Hiro was able to save the day and stop the wedding by wielding a butter knife. It’s not quite a samurai sword but it was still pretty “smooth.” Ha.

Is it just me, or was Tracy super hot when she was all badass and sweaty?

Claire continues to rebel by warning that Alex dude. When she told him he couldn’t use his credit cards or go back to his place, and he was all like where will I go? I was thinking WTFS. You can breath under water and you live in California. Walk west, jump into the sea, and go chill in the Marianas Trench until this whole thing blows over. But what does he do? Hides in Claire’s closet. WT…wait for it…FS.

The best part of this evening was at 9:44 when the local NBC news aired a 5 second teaser in which the anchor said, “What happens when a pet chimp goes bad? We’ll show you at 11.” I’ve never wanted to watch the news so badly in all of my life. (I still won’t, though.)


One Response to “Review: “Building 26””

  1. joshuagrace Says:

    total agreement. was nathan’s new boss the lady from The Cutting Edge? toe pick?

    i love the end, too. i felt really bad for noah, but slipping him a mickey was about the coolest things the new resistance could do.

    i thought that the kid was busting up all the secret police. i was surprised to see sylar, in a good way. maybe he saved him so he could slap him in the face for being a dufus later.

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