Review: “Exposed”

March 2, 2009

I’m sad to say that HEROES is beginning to feel like that delightful Bill Murray film, GROUNDHOG’S DAY. Another prophecy via acrylics predicting the explosion of a major U.S. city? None the less, I’ll forge on with my piercing insight.

Claire helps Alex escape, not withstanding some awkward sexual tension. I don’t understand her mom’s brilliant diversion plan. “Lyle and I will drive away so they think we’re smuggling Alex; meanwhile you and Alex make an extremely loud sound while you run out the back door, thereby immediately drawing their attention.” WTFS? You think those extra ten seconds really helped? And when the hell is that dude going to just hop into the Atlantic and elementary backstroke his way to Asia?

Matt and Peter break into Building 26, find out Daphne is elsewhere, and steal video of the initial capture of the evolved humans. What boggles my mind is that “Rebel” can send messages to anyone anywhere, hack into this secure encrypted government computer system, block people from interfering with the hacking, yet not download the effing video for herself? As a side note, I like the moment when we think Peter has regained his power of maintaining multiple abilities, but then they were all like SIKE! Naw, it was just Nathan. I also like how Danko (The Hunter) is playing Parkman like the chump that he is.

Sylar and juvenile delinquent Luke continue their bonding road trip. Sylar suddenly remembers his father killing his mother with the telekinesis finger thingy. Now this makes me think: is there another person as powerful as/more powerful than Sylar? Do we have an upcoming ultimate bad guy? Do I have any hot dogs in my fridge?

Finally, I love that Doyle, the puppeteer, has returned. Of all that bad guys that have graced HEROES, he’s by far the creepiest.


3 Responses to “Review: “Exposed””

  1. joshuagrace Says:

    i was hoping claire’s mom was gonna blast her way out. that would have been TV! that was a brilliant loud sound to give a 12sec headstart. so good.

    we didn’t see the hunter’s power. maybe he has the power of duct tape manipulation.

    is Rebel Nikki Sanders’ son? is he back in the mix and just messing with tech? did hiro get back to his secret lair? i thought it was noah, but now i kinda doubt it.

    did you catch on the news that the newscaster knew they were all US citizens? obviously they were. you can tell by how tall the females are. or by the color of their shoes.

  2. Rebel has to be Micha. Although I guess they don’t have to bring him back. They seem to just get rid of people all the time. What ever happen to Claire’s old boyfriend, the black girl that hung out with Micha that could do anything she watched on her ipod, the little girl that could find people with abilities…
    Another little whine…why does everyone still hang out in the same locations? Daphne and Matt still live in the same apartment that Sheresh’s dad lived and died in (not to mention it’s the same sad color it was back then- Why doesn’t Daphne paint that shit at lighting speed?, they’re still using the artist’s space/ Sheresh’s cocoon factory, etc.)

  3. rcribay Says:

    I still think Rebel is Wireless, the girl who sent that IM to Ted when he was in that shack in the desert.

    The newscaster probably knew they were American citizens from their kicks. However, that information was startlingly erroneous, I think Hiro is here illegally.

    I’ll tell you what happened to all of those characters, captainawsome: the writers read my blog and realized they all sucked, so they decided to leave them out of future episodes.

    Why are they in the same locations? They’re probably rent-controlled.

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