Review: “Shades of Gray”

March 9, 2009

Ahh! I missed the first half again! Ahh!

Well, here are my thoughts. I’ll try to get the rest up tomorrow after I get a chance to view the first half of the episode.

Did somebody say sickly, old misanthrope? Sylar’s father is exactly what I expected. I wish it was really surprising, like, hey, your dad is a jolly robot! But I have to give it to the writers, that was pretty rad when he pinned Sylar against the wall with arrows and then whistled him to seeming paralysis. Then Sylar was all like, “Ha! I’m playing opossum!” and then told him he’d let him die a slow death. That was sad about the rabbit, though.

Danko continues to pry and gets played by Angela Petrelli. What happened in Angola in 1997, dude? It was probably an indecent exposure incident. He seems the type to don a trench coat, walk up to you on the street, and then just grin while showing you his own little hero. Well, his downfall leads to the exposure of Nathan’s power and HRG’s promotion. All that power’s totally going to go straight to his glasses.

Hiro and Ando–whom I assume returned to the past–discover that Baby Matt Parkman needs saving. Great line when she shoves the kid in his face, and he just says, “No, thank you.” That’s how I feel every time someone shoves a baby in my face (which happens more frequently than you’d think).

Claire saves Doyle and has evidently decided to become the Harriet Tubman for evolved humans. Clearly, he played her and I don’t think this is the last we’ll see of him. Awesome ending, with Nathan saving the new savior. I don’t think they should stay behind that tree for long because it doesn’t cover them very well.


2 Responses to “Review: “Shades of Gray””

  1. joshuagrace Says:

    i think that is Parkman’s son. didn’t he have a baby with his first wife in season 1?

    danko has a power and tries to keep it on the DL. i was surprised noah didn’t chuck him out the window after nathan. WTFS?

    sylar’s father was kind of cool when he woke up and got off the O2. now he knows about a cheerleader in CA that he can get the power from. i think he’s going to make a comeback.

    you’ll see that claire gets a job in the comic book store and all the nerds thinks she’s hot. it starts with Doyle in the kitchen and being less creepy. parkman obviously doesn’t blow everyone up at the capital building with the explosive vest he’s wearing.

  2. cJ Says:

    Doyle has to have a power, but why didn’t Angela tell Claire’s dad?
    I hope Syler’s dad comes back. Syler is so damn dumb. How the hell did he forget his mom died? Why does he listen to everything everyone says all the time? He’s had five different parents on the show so far and all they had to do to win him over was say “I’m your mom/dad.”
    Nathan getting pushed through the glass was bad ass.

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