Review: “Into Asylum”

March 30, 2009

Zzzzz…Zzzz…Zzzz….huh? Oh, the episode is over? Well, here are my thoughts:

In case you didn’t catch it, I thought it was a real snoozefest. The three story lines were lame. Claire and Nathan hide out in Mexico, and in stereotypical fashion, binge drink. The whole coming to terms with each other/bonding thing is a bit played out. I’d like to see Claire move in a different direction besides daughter struggling with daddy issues.

Perhaps even more boring, Angela and Peter hide out in a Catholic church. I had enough boring Catholic church growing up; I don’t need any more in my TV. In a serious moment, Peter offers a prayer of desperation to the original superhero: Jesus, but I found it pretty contrived. Angela finally sleeps and has a dream telling her to go to her sister. I’m not sure how they could ever make this power look cool. Perhaps some close-ups on an agonized sleeping face amid some quick cuts to a crazy dream sequence shot in soft focus?

Sylar teams up with Danko, but I don’t buy it. He definitely doesn’t need any help to kill everyone, nor does he need protection from Danko. This buddy storyline is stretchier than Stretch Armstrong. However, it does produce the funniest line in the ep (albeit, corny):

Sylar: Why does anyone want power?
Danko: To screw with people?
Sylar: How about to screw people.

I’ll leave you with that.


2 Responses to “Review: “Into Asylum””

  1. joshuagrace Says:

    is it just me, or:
    a) has angela been reminiscent of Trinity in the Matrix and are they trying to make her sexier?
    b) did they make claire older by adding freckles?
    c) is gabriel just bored or is he looking for approval in the place that he is least likely to get it again?
    d) is noah playing everybody? he doesn’t buy dead sylar for a minute!
    e) have you ever seen What’s My Name? Gabriel has.

  2. rcribay Says:

    a) Yeah, I sensed a little Electra Complex going on.
    b) and bangs!
    c) I think he’s come down with a serious case of megalomania
    d) I don’t think HRG is playing anyone; I think he’s at the end of his rope
    e) Two reactions:
    1 – Sylar needs to take some notes, because Snoop’s transformation looked far less painful
    2 – I can’t believe such technology existed in the (mid?) 90’s

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