Buildings 1-25

April 14, 2009

As you know, the building the government uses to conduct experiments on evolved humans is called Building 26. This was the title of an episode a few weeks ago and it reappeared in “1961” last night. This led me to speculate what the government has tucked away in all of those other buildings…

Building 1: Children’s letters to Santa Claus.

Building 2: A bevy of unreleased “Ernest Goes to…” movies.

Building 3: Dennis Rodman.

Building 4: Witnesses to the bombing of MOVE in Philadelphia.

Building 5: Elves, fairies, ogres, talking animals, ALF and other mythical/awesome creatures.

Building 6: A partially complete Death Star.

Building 7: Surplus food to trade for oil.

Building 8: Oil.

Building 9: An army of ninjas in perpetual battle with an army of samurai.

Building 10: Peter Petrelli’s testicles.

Building 11: Discarded Pogs.

Building 12: A time machine.

Building 13: Tupac Shakur.

Building 14: All remaining American Indians.

Building 15: Inappropriate children’s books.

Building 16: Ligers and man bear pigs.

Building 17: A cure for Cancer.

Building 18: Decorative plates commemorating the election of John McCain as America’s 44th president.

Building 19: Flying cars, hoverboards, teleporters and other technologies we just can’t handle yet.

Building 20: Tall Asians, who will be released sparingly when the NBA needs some height.

Building 21: Surplus Snuggies to trade for oil.

Building 22: Your mom. (Boo yah!)

Building 23: Transfers from Gitmo.

Building 24: Miniature models of all future buildings, featuring a model train which encircles all of them.

Building 25: Scripts for good episodes of HEROES.


4 Responses to “Buildings 1-25”

  1. joshuagrace Says:

    that was the best episode review yet! haha! you said it all.

    i hope you’re not hating on 2Pac or snuggies, though.

    it’s fun to see the flashbacks for about 1min. why wasn’t arthur at the camp?

    say “wrap this all up in one episode”, Alice.

  2. Roberto Says:

    this recent episode was also disappointing as well, which has me worried about the final episode of the season. Alot still needs to happen to bring closure…

  3. rcribay Says:

    i loved “i am sylar”! i haven’t had time to really post about it, but i thought the episode was exception and reestablished the awesomeness of his character. it also sets up a showdown between sylar and nathan/peter, which i’ve been looking forward to greatly.

  4. roberto Says:

    See I am unsure about his character. I still think he should of killed off his character in season 1. and I still think he is too powerful. they even newdered peter which i found dishearting…

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