Review: “Cold Snap”

March 23, 2009

This episode focuses on the search for Rebel, and kudos to you, Joshua (my sole reader), you were right that it was Micah. Except now he’s much more adolescent and awkward. The scene in which Tracy sacrifices herself to save Micah was the most badass scene on the show in a long time. Now I’m left to wonder, though, how many more characters will Ali Larter portray before the series ends?

Near the beginning, Doyle is given to Danko, but it was unclear to me by whom. Perhaps I missed that bit when I went to get some cookies. However, regardless of the benefactor, I personally would not want an overweight puppeteer as a gift on any occasion.

Hiro finally has his powers again, to some extent. I loved the wheelbarrow bit and that Ando discovers he can shoot the energy he produces and not just enhance other peoples’ powers. Part of what I use to love most about this show is seeing the characters deal with the development of their abilities (which was the focus of the fantastic first season). I’m glad to see that concept hasn’t been left completely by the wayside.

Matt finally does a couple of cool things and then gets played by Daphne, who’s all like, “Thanks for saving me. Peace out, Chubs.” But then he’s all like, “I can fly” and I was all like “What!? How!?” and then they proceeded to have some lame love scene that Claire and that random kid had before in front of the Hollywood sign. Sike, naw. They were really still in the hospital and she died. I was totally fooled.

At some point in the show I looked up and Peter flew away with Angela. I think I missed something cool before that as I attempted to download this video for my wife to use in her class tomorrow:

I can’t believe it’s rated five stars.