Review: “Cold Wars”

February 23, 2009

The abduction of HRG yields terribly anticlimactic revelations, spread over the first half hour. So he actually wasn’t just doing it to protect Claire; he merely wanted to get back in the game, but late we find out he is still secretly reporting to Angela Petrelli. OK. I’m pretty sure a couple lines of dialogue could have conveyed that. Thanks for shining light on that mystery, Parkman.

Wouldn’t it be a sweet twist if the hunter had an ability? He did say, “You don’t presume to know anything about me.” If you watched the webisodes awhile ago, he looks similar to that guy whose ability was to squeeze like a boa constrictor. But perhaps it’s just the bald, skinny, white guy thing.

The hunter actually looks like a jockey compared to HRG. I tried to find a link to that episode from THE SIMPSONS about Jockey Land but Fox doesn’t like Youtube. Just imagine it in your head, like the old days before the interweb.

Another random observation: I have no idea why anyone ever takes Peter seriously with a gun. If I had a nickel every time he pointed a gun at someone’s head only to back down out of remorse/guilt, I could probably buy some rad velcro shoes from Wal-Mart. If I ever confronted him as he threatened the life of a hostage, I’d be all like, “Dude. C’mon,” and he’d be all like, “Yeah. You’re right.” The whole situation could be diffused in an instant.

If you watch BSG, as well, then I commiserate with you in the terrible week we’ve had in TV.