I love Sylar’s new ability. It’s like watching a fat kid eat chocolate cake: delightfully grotesque.


The writers keep making me think that HRG knows the score, but then things just spiral out of control again and again for him. I was surprised that Sandra wasn’t more understanding when HRG explained that Sylar shapeshifts now. Apparently, though, women just don’t get it, as my wife said in a similar situation she would not forgive me.

Danko’s woman also doesn’t get it. But then again, she’s an ex-prostitute, so she kind of has a track record for not getting it.

Hiro and Ando reunite Baby Matt Parkman with Portly Adult Matt Parkman. Along the way, they meet an Asian who is not a stereotype (this might be a first for American television) and they then discover that if Baby Matt Parkman is unhappy, it stops everything. I’m really unsure of how this power could ever be useful. Hiro’s, “That was close,” declaration made me giggle.

In the end the Petrelli family, along with HRG, converge upon Coyote Sands, thanks to Angela’s dream. After a bit of digging, they exhume a mass grave. Ah! What could this possibly have to do with the start of everything? My bet? Cylons!