Review: Villains (second half hour)

November 10, 2008

I missed the first half hour, due to my West African Drumming Class which started tonight. It’s going to take place on the next 8 Mondays, so if you want the entire review, check out the blog on Tuesday night. If you don’t mind hearing about the second half and then the first half the next day, then that’s cool too.

When I began watching, Arthur Petrelli was forcing Angela to agree that Nathan needs to be killed. Turns out Angela poisoned Arthur, and he used his little sith mind tricks to have the doctor tell everyone he was dead. I reiterate the fact that Arthur was much creepier as an invalid. None the less, what an evil dude.

Meredith is tested as an agent, but fails when she helps her brother, Flint, escape from the company. That dude with an earring is pissed, but let’s her go later on. I liked the tie in with the train crash being the one during which Claire found her calling.

Elle and HRG run some surveillance on Gabriel. He kills some Goth fellow and takes his power (invisible bullets?). Again, nice connection with HRG getting in Mohinder’s cab following Peter’s exit. Made me nostalgic for season one.


Umm…yeah. Sorry this post lacks in its usual hilarity. At least in the half of the episode I viewed, nothing earth-shattering occurred. To be honest, I was kind of bored. The only interesting thing came at the end with the decapitated body of Usutu. There’s a fairly well known quote about fiction writing that says, “When in doubt, have a man come through the door with a gun.” I feel like the writers bailed this episode out of monotony with a similar mantra: “When in doubt, have someone find a decapitated body.” I definitely did not expect that. But without a doubt, that wily Hiro will escape Arthur Petrelli. If he doesn’t, then I’m just going to be like, “FUCK THIS,” because I don’t care if Peter loses his powers, but nobody messes with my jolly Asian brethren.


One Response to “Review: Villains (second half hour)”

  1. joshuagrace Says:

    yeah i also like arthur better as paralyzed. he’s real scary at that point. why didn’t they bring the haitian to the hospital again? pssh.

    the good thing about this set up is that arthur is pretty much unbeatable. Usutu went on about Hiro having to use his head instead of his powers (look where that got Usutu’s head). I think Hiro is still the guy that brings Arthur down. If they can get out of Africa.

    glad you’re drumming. i really doubt that so many people will hold up. people are bound to drop off so it won’t be quite that weird and you will get to play a drum that makes a sound starting next week!!

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