Review: Eris Quod Sum

October 27, 2008

I have no clue what happened in the first ten minutes, as the phillies are about to win the world series and I was watching the beginning of the game. However, in an ironic turn of events, the nerd within me pummeled the jock into submission. ten after nine, my emotional distress at missing HEROES (considering I’m probably the last person alive without DVR or TiVO) became so great that I had to depart from a Phillies viewing party in order return to my beloved evolved humans. anyways, on to the show.

Where I picked up, Arthur Petrelli had just taken Maya’s powers. Good for him. At least he didn’t take her hotness. He then kills Matt’s father very suddenly. This pleased me, as I have been feeling that there are far too many characters these days. I hope he kills a few more before his reign is over. I still think Arthur was more frightening as an invalid, what with my fear of the elderly.

Elle returns and visits Claire, the latter then suggesting a field trip to Pinehurst. Unfortunately, she short circuits while on the plane, and the results are nowhere near as hysterical or heartwarming as the 1986 movie, Short Circuit. Actually, the results aren’t all that bad either. I just wanted to reference that movie.

Gabrielle returns, temporarily blazing his bad ass ways to save a whiney and ungrateful Peter, but gets subdued by my nemesis, Suresh. Arthur then reveals Angela’s manipulation in his own attempt at manipulation and this storyline seems to descend to the level of an episode of Divorce Court. Except I never saw anyone telekinetically defenestrated on that show (but then again, I haven’t been home frequently enough at 1pm on weekdays to have viewed every episode).

Daphne is sent to kill Pacman, and for some reasons thinks that having a baby with him is a good idea. Matt reveals a new level of his powers as he creates a fake Matt to get a hole punched through him via Knox. Impressive, Matt. I’ll finally give you some props. BTW, knox has a huge upper head, akin to a light-bulb. It reminds me of the baseball episode of the Simpsons where Ken Griffey, Jr. drinks a lot of tonic, inducing gigantism.

I get me some Hiro at the very end. However, I really wish they would have ended with an earth shattering vision of the future, rather than him merely passing out.


Review: Dying of the Light

October 21, 2008

Shout out to Joshua for giving me an outline for this post.

“1. can Adam please be dead forever?”

I know, right? I felt incredibly pleased when Hiro stuck him in that coffin, but I knew that he’d be back. I really hope that this indiana-jones-and-the-last-crusade-esque death (pictured above) is final. It was for the Nazi dude in Indiana Jones.

“2. what the eff was Suresh doing with Nathan and Tracy. I wish he would have wrapped them up.”

I think since they were artificially given powers (sans side effects) he was going to peep their DNA or other sciencey feature and see what he did wrong. Clearly, he is an idiot.

“3. give Parkman props”

For what, pray tell? It’s got to be easy to mack on someone when you’ve seen the future and you know you’re going to marry her anyways. But I certainly will give props to the turtle.

“4. Usutu, although so annoying that he has the same ability as Issac, is the new guru. love it. Hiro and Ando have a great line going.”

I concur. African guru is much cooler than crack head artist. In the Hiro and Ando storyline there was one of the best dialogue moments in the show. Ever…

Hiro: That guy looks familiar.

Ando: Eh, they all look the same to me.

Hiro: That’s racist.

followed by one of the funniest moments ever–Hiro seeing the painting of himself getting hit with the shovel as he watches his other self about to get hit in the head with a shovel. I thought his one minute time travel got him stuck in some loop where he was getting hit, going back one minute, walking through, getting hit, going back one minute…ad infinitum.

“5. Peter should stop talking and accept that he is ordinary.”

Again, I concur. Although I will admit that he looked pretty cool in this episode, and his use of various powers to subdue Gabriel make me feel all tingly inside again. As for his loss of powers? I’m certain that will last about as long as Adam’s death.
“6. Gabriel is by far my favorite right now.”

I loved him when he was a villain and I’m loving him as an aspiring hero. I felt like I just hugged a puppy when he told Daphne that he was no longer evil.

“7. Claire got to not be an a-hole for a whole episode! great scene with the puppet master. although did he really think that neither claire or her mom had any powers?”

I think Doyle is the creepiest bad guys since Sylar in the first season. Granted, Doyle didn’t last very long, but I got chills in the opening scene between Meredith and him. Just imagine what someone like that could do. (For example, have you repeatedly hit yourself in the face while mock pleading, “Stop hitting yourself!”)

I’m glad Claire restrained her female teenage angst; I have to deal with that enough during my day job.

“8. HRG will make things right, don’t worry.”

I kept waiting for him to bust in and save the day with Claire, her mother, and Meredith. I predict a little love triangle starting soon with his new partner.

Tragic Flaws

October 21, 2008

Dear Loyal Reader,

I apologize for not posting last night. Things have been crazy at work (perhaps more so than even at Pinehurst). Hopefully I’ll get the post up tonight.

Review: Angels and Monsters

October 13, 2008

This week’s episode pleased me much more than last week’s. The who’s good, who’s evil angle continues to intrigue me.

Nathan Petrelli continues to be led by imaginary Linderman. He has also now slept with Nikki AND Tracy (Man, that would be an awkward Thanksgiving dinner). In the scene where Tracy and Nathan check out Peter in Level 5, we see learn that Nathan’s powers were artificially created. I have a feeling, though, that Nathan interest was more so piqued upon discovery that Nikki/Tracy have a third sister. Is a hat trick in the cards for Congressman Petrelli? Only time will tell.

Suresh murders a drug dealer and teaches us all a valuable lesson: clean up any trails of blood before your booty call arrives. It can really kill the mood. As the episode progresses, we see that Suresh has been preserving his prey like an insect of sorts. I’m glad his character is developing beyond the bumbling scientist, but I’m not sure I enjoy the Mr. Hyde angle, either.

Claire attempts to catch a guy that can create black holes. This is perhaps one of the coolest powers that has been introduced on the show in a long time. Every time he used it my mouth opened into a dumb grin and my eyes widened comically. Admittedly, I found my willing suspension of belief temporarily lifted. I was all like, “What!? This couldn’t happen in real life!” But then I was all like, “Oh, yeah.” Imagine how great it would have the power to make people just completely disappear. Annoying coworker? WHOOSH. Old person in line at the store paying with change? WHOOSH. Dog poop? WHOOSH. Every other HEROES blog? WHOOSH. Just sucks that he killed himself before Peter or Sylar could get it.

Peter and Sylar switch roles, as the “hunger” begins to villify Peter. But he’s left in Level 5 as Sylar and HRG join forces to form a hysterical odd couple. “Rehabilitation takes time, Noah.” Haha! What a card! I’m pretty sure these two are the best characters right now. As for Sylar saving Claire? Oh, the irony. It’s absolutely delectable. As a side note, Sylar really needs to use some of his powers to trim those eyebrows. They’re like a couple of monstrous effing caterpillars sitting atop his eyes.

Hiro and Ando raise Adam from the undead. Hiro makes a vague STAR WARS reference to the cantina (which pleased me greatly) as Adam leads them to a bar where they can find “specials for hire.” After he ditches them, Daphne and Knox appear and question Hiro and Ando’s badassness. Award winning WTF moment ensues as Hiro actually stabs Ando in the heart! I still believe that Hiro has some crazy scheme in his round, little head. Someone who uses such witty STAR WARS references surely cannot be evil.

Speaking of WTF moments, how about that Mr. Petrelli? Considering my fear of growing old, I think I am frightened more by his invalid status than the fact he’s creating an army.

Review: I Am Become Death

October 6, 2008

“What the hell?” I thought to myself the first time I read the title of this episode. Well, dear readers, rest assured I anticipated your laziness and did the ten seconds of research for you by googling it. “I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds” is a line from the Bhagavad Gita, which was quoted by Oppenheimer as he watched the bomb he helped develop explode. Thus, a clear reference to all of the characters whom seem to be contributing to the destruction of the world four years into the future.

Hiro‘s vision of the future seems to be a self-fulfilling prophecy, as his mistrust continues to push Ando further away. But this is really making me too sad to talk about.

I know that at least one of my readers must have been extremely pleased that Claire iced future Peter, and I think I agree. That entire scenario isn’t nearly as cool as I thought it would be. Actually, Peter Petrelli, past or present, is getting on my nerves. He’s far too self-righteous and he’s gotten this permanently confused-unhappy-eyebrows-furrowed look on his face. And I don’t understand why he needed to take Sylar’s power if his own power is pretty much the same thing, sans the necessity of cutting open the person’s head.

I did enjoy, “If I knew you were coming, I would have made extra!” even though it was ruined by the previews. It was kind of like when a movie looks hilarious in the trailer, but then you find out all of the good jokes were crammed into those thirty seconds, leaving the rest of the movie a lifeless and insipid waste of an hour and a half.

Another great line, “You don’t read much, do you?” But Matt following his totem turtle? Complete rip off of the Simpsons episode where Homer eats the Guatemalan chili peppers (grown by inmates of an insane asylum). Or perhaps it was just a nice homage? IDK anymore. IDK.

I must admit that I’m beginning to worry a bit that Tim Kring and company are running out of ideas. Things that are more than a bit reminiscent of the first season:

  1. Nathan Petrelli is on a path to the presidency.
  2. Nathan Petrelli hooks up with a character played by Ali Larter.
  3. Nathan Petrelli is being persuaded by Linderman to
  4. There is someone who paints the future.
  5. The future depicts something exploding.
  6. Someone explodes from radiation in the Bennett household.
  7. Suresh makes a stupid mistake.
  8. ? There has to be more?

Something that will be interesting, however, is finding out who has natural abilities and who was given them. Perhaps the original Company members did not have any abilities, other than the knowledge of the formula?

Last, Daphne’s hair is way cooler in the present.